"artCALENDAR 2022"

This monthly calendar for the year 2022 shows an inspiring selection of my acrylic collages made with a lot of dedication.

I call my art "combination-art". oder auch, wie ich sie gerne nenne, „Kombinations-Kunstwerke“.

This calendar contains 15 sheet (8,27 in x 8,27 in) held together by ring binding (white).

This high quality print on 250g/m² paper creates a very realistic effect.

Of course I put value on climate neutrality when printing.

The cover page shows an own fine art print, followed by one page about myself as an artist

and the twelve monthly motifs, finally the last sheet with a motif-overwiew.

The fine art prints themselves are printed in a size of about 5.9 in x 5.9 in.

Two foil cover sheet (PVC crystal clear) save the paper from damage and give a special shine to the product.

The original paintings, printed here as fine art prints, were made by the harmonious combination of colours, shapes and structures.

It is my intention to inspire the viewer to dream and philosophize.

My artworks should be "windows to your fantasy".

Nothing is wrong or right- it is always a question of perception.

Art is the perfect medium to manifest this statement.

I chose titles for the paintings which are ambiguous and which let a lot of space for your fantasy.

"Happiness is the only thing that doubles when you share it." (quotation of Albert Schweitzer)

To that end I am very happy about each sold calendar which carries out my art into the world.

This calendar is a wonderful present for everybody who enjoys colours and loves inspiration!

Thank you for your interest and a lot of joy with your artcalendar 2022,

Katrin Firtzlaff