As a freelancer artist I made it of my own both to inspire people with my paintings

and to express myself by my artworks.

Many of my artworks are for sale, either as an original painting or as a fine art print.

I am also happy to make artistic commissioned works for you,


"Happiness is the only thing that doubles when you share it."

(quotation from A. Schweitzer)

To make many people happy with my art,

I have compiled an amazing art calendar of some of my current artworks for you.

Printed in limited edition this high qualitiy art calendar is even a special present for yourself or a good friend.



my combination-art

My artworks arise from the

harmonious combination of colours, shapes and structures.

Collage-style elements are added to abstract coloured areas.

It is just like a puzzle that I put together intuitively to form a whole.

It is wonderful.


"Thoughts are expressed by words.

Feelings by colours and shapes."

Art offers me a chance to express my emotions,

to create something new and simply to feel happy when working with colours.

I love it.

My artworks offer you a chance to feel inspired and feed your fantasy.

I invite you to dream and philosophize when viewing my paintings.

Feel inspired!

Thanks to my three wonderful children I have had the chance to experience

the importance of dreaming and playing
to be happy.

Creating artworks is just like playing for me.

Would you like

to buy one of my original artworks or a fine art print-product

for yourself or for a related person?

Look around in my artSHOP!


Art is a wonderful present.

Thanks for your interest!