Katrin Firtzlaff

seit 1983 auf dieser Welt,

Berliner girl since 1988

Mom since 2006,

seit 2010 Dipl.Ing. Architektin,

schon immer eine Künstlerin,

who longs for the sea

and who paints

because it`s good.


ICH BIN eine:

  • Träumerin
  • Mama
  • Berlinerin
  • Idealistin
  • Kinderversteherin
  • Schnecke
  • Yoga-Tante
  • Wasserratte
  • Vegetarierin
  • Chaotin

mamamalt means Mom paints

First of all it started with a gimmick of words, somehow I liked it.

It is not meant a special kind of painting because of being Mom.

My children inspire me and show me again and again the sunny sides of life.

I am very grateful to them for this.

So my heart lead me back to art and painting.

When being asked what Mom works, my children answer:

Mom paints..

Painting is for me a wonderful chance to be near to myself.

Together with my children I make all the funny and crazy things.

Manchmal habe ich das Gefühl, nicht mehr zu spüren, wer ich selbst eigentlich bin.

Expressing myself in a creative way makes me feel like

"being at home"

in line with myself.

Painting heals me - ART IS GOOD.

"Having imagination does not mean to come up with something.

It means to create something new from the things that are given."

(quotation from Th. Mann)